NU har jag också testat
"Vadå?" tänker ni säkert. 
Ja, inget mindre än blomkålsmos! Haha.
Det blev verkligen en succé och jag kommer absolut göra det igen! Enkelt var det också!
Koka blomkålen och mixa sedan tillsammans med valfri kryddning. Klart!
Sen kan man servera moset som jag gjort på bilden (till lax), eller hamburgare eller dylikt. Vad man tycker blir bäst helt enkelt! 
Smaklig måltid!
Pannkakor på en Söndag
Här kommer ett suuuuuperenkelt recept på typ amerikanska pannkakor som jag fixade iordning till fikat igår. Fritt från raffinerat socker!
1 banan
2 ägg
50 g Keso
2 msk fiberhavregryn

Hetta upp en stekpanna med lite smör eller olja och stek till plättar.
Servera med frukt/bär och grädde eller Keso.
My Route
To give y'all an idea of how and where I'll be traveling during these last couple of weeks in the States, I'll post this very well made map LOL.
So, my first stop was in Blair, Nebraska. My second stop Rockford, Illinois, and also Chicago. Karin's sister Ann-Britt drove past Blair and was so kind to pick me up to take me with her to where she lives and the next day (May 25th) she showed me Chicago, which I had never visited before. We took a boat tour on Lake Michigan and saw the Chicago skyline and we had lunch at Whole Foods before I went out to explore the city further. Such a nice and cool city with all its skyscrapers and the river in the middle of it all! We also drove past Moody Bible Institute where Ann-Britt attended college. 
My mom is 1st cousins with Ann-Britt, which makes me Ann-Britt's 1st cousin once removed :) 
Today, we decided to go up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Wow is all I can say.
Lake Geneva is the place where the wealthy people of Chicago have their summer getaways/ summer houses. 
We had lunch together with one of Ann-Britt's long time friends Carol at a restaurant called "Simple". They had such a nice variety of organic and healthy food! Perfect for my  No Sugar lifestyle!! 
A selfie at every place I visit is not too much is it? Haha.
Lunch at "Simple". DELICIOUS!
Typical view on the country side here in the mid west :)
After lunch I went to stroll around the shopping area just to look at the people and to feel the puls and the energy of this quaint little lake town! Since it's a national holiday (Memorial Day) this weekend, a lot of people where there "celebrating" in the nice, warm and sunny weather. The lake was filled with boats and Jet Skis and people swimming.
After dinner at home I helped Ann-Britt with setting things up on her new laptop. You know... there are many things one don't really think about that has to be done once you decide to get a new computer... especially when there's lots of important stuff that has to be transferred and installed from the old one to the new one. And all the settings! Settings on font size in outlook email etc...... I've been there, so I know the struggle! Hopefully we'll get it to work with this new laptop as well :)
I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see so much of this country and to spend time with these amazing people!!! I don't know how to express my thankfulness enough! <3