Frank Loyd Wright’s Hollyhock House
Y’all might have seen pictures or heard of the "Falling Water" house in Pennsylvania. It looks really cool and is placed in a waterfall. It was designed by Frank Loyd Wright and I think it might be his most famous work. I’ve only seen pictures of it, however, last thursday Melody and I got to see his Hollyhock house in Hollywood Hills, L.A! Wow! 

It was designed to be a private home although the lady who las supposed to live there actually never did. She wasn’t satisfied with how the house turned out and she ended up firing Frank before it was entirely finished. The property she owned (where the house is located) was about 32 acres(!!!) and therefore there was room for other residences as well. She ended up living in one of them instead.

So this reflecting pool actually passes under the house and into the living room in front of the fireplace before it goes out into another pool in front of the house. Well, at least it was supposed to, however It didn’t work out as well as Frank the hoped.

The view
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