California Calling
On my last full day (Sunday May 26th) with Ann-Britt in her beautiful home in Rockford, we first visited a church called Mosiac and then we went home for lunch before we took a little drive downdown Rockford. It was a pretty city, however, it's nothing compared to the big cities of course! I mean, Chicago was amazing!
Back home, I started with dinner and it was the same dish I made at Karin and David's place, Curry Chicken. The leftovers was divided into lunch boxes and put in the freezer (y). Convenient!
Like I mentioned, this was my last day in Illinois and in order to catch my 9:15 flight from O'Hare the next morning we had to get up at around 4:30 to leave by 5:30am. Said and done! I made it, and Ann-Britt was amazing to help me get to the airport that early! Wow!
So what was my next destination going to be then? ;) Well, the headline says it all- California!

Okay, so first of all let me tell you about the flight. I got on the plane and seerched for my seat. I found it and somebody was already in there so I said to her "-Excuse me, I think this is my seat" and she goes "-Uhm, sorry" and points to the flight attendant. He then tells me that the lady in my seat wants to sit next to her family and that there is another seat for me a bit further down the aisle with much more leg room. I said "-sure" cause leg room is always nice! So to me it was kind of an upgrade haha ;)
Then we took off and they strted serving drinks and snacks  etc. the flight was mostly okay and I got some rest. A bit turbulent at times but you know, it was fine. 
When we were about to land, everything went smooth and we were even a bit early. Seatbelt sign went on and the staff wished us all a good rest of the day and they also took their seats.
We were almost about to touch the ground when suddenly the captain decided to go straight up in the air again! No info what so ever why, he just continued with speed and ent kind of out over the ocean! I spoke to the person next to me on the other side of the aisle and he was not worried at all, but I think he saw my fear and just wanted to chat a bit. I sometimes have a wild imagination and of course I thought something was going on, that we would all die in the ocean haha. But after a couple of VERY LOOOONG minutes the captain spoke and told us that since we were early, there was another plane in line to land before us and he therefor had to circle around fo a bit before we could land. Such a relief! But seriously, why did he not tell us before the panic occurred? 
After landing and grabbing my bags I went to the flyaway pick up to jump on a bus to Van Nuys. I ended up talking to a woman and her daughter (my age). They had missed the first bus, and were now waiting for the next like me. The bus came, and it passed us. It was full, which made sense since we were on the last terminal and it was a holiday weekend and people were coming back home from all over the country. We decided to walk to the first terminal so we could get a seat from the beginning. Said and done, and we got our seats! 
The woman's name was Roslyn and we talked all the way from the airport to Van Nuys. It turned out she was a middle school teacher and I told her that I was an early child hood education major. It aslo turned out they had been on the same flight as I, from chicago! And they too were anxious when the plane took off again and out over the ocean!
At the bus station in Van Nuys, I was picked up by Melody and we drove to their house to leave my stuff and then go have lunch. It was so nice to see them again! I was here six years ago after my Au Pair year and I did a similar trip to then one I'm doing right now.
We went to Panera Bread, one of my favorite places, and then back home.
For dinner, Steve (my 3rd cousin) grilled some of the fish that they had caught on their trip to Alaska last year and it was delicious! We all sat outside and ate and talked.
It's so nice to have connections abroad, since we all come from the same place from the beginning! In our case, Småland. Thanks to all of you, in generations before me, who have kept in touch with all our relatives abroad(!!!!), because you have made it possible for us 2nd and 3rd cousins to maintain these connections! It's such an enrichement and it's so much fun!!
9:15 to L.A.
Waiting for the FlyAway
At Steve and Melody's. See the Swedish "vimpel" and the "american" house? ;) THought it was a cool snapshot hehe.
Dinner outside (y) Alaskan Hälleflundra!
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