Leaving Blair, heading to Rockford
"Groupie" before heading on to the road
Bye :(
On thursday morning Ann-Britt and I left Blair, Nebraska, and made our way to Rockford, Illinois. Ann-britt had a skype meeting with some of the people some of the people at the mission she works with. We decided that I was gonna drive during her meeting so that she could really focus on the conversation. And let me tell you this, I LOVE driving. And for someone who loves driving that has not been able to drive through out this whole semester (obviously since I didn't have a car in Texas) this was just great and I did not mind at all!
We made some stops along the way and arrived in Rockford around 4pm. 

At 5pm, Ann-Britt were invited to dinner with some ladies that, just like her, had served as missionaries as nurses in (South)Africa for many, many years and were now retiered. I was invited to join as well, and it was just so nice to meet them and hear some of their stories and listen as they joked around with each other in Zulu and shared memories about their time in Africa. These ladies had flewn in from all different parts of the US as well as from South Africa to spend Memorial weekend together. Ann-Britt and I only met with them for this one event though.
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