Just a mix of pictures from my last week at TCU
Went for a bike ride by the Trinity River
Remember to always use a helmet! (y) ;)
Two crazy scandinavians <3
Lunch by the pool
Isn't this just a wonderful sight? Look at all the colors! Fresh fruits and veggies!
Me at Frog Fountain the night before graduation
Class of 2018! This was the first of 3 identical ceremonies that day. I went to all of them... :D
Ran into Kahli (friend from Chi Alpha)...
... and my friend Krystin (from UBC) :)
and two other friends from college of education, Ashley and Nicole :)
Friends from church :D
Brisket <3
Roommate- afternoon the salon!
Dallas! Our friend Jeff, lives in the same building in Leibrock, took us to Dallas one day. This is where Kennedy was shot.
Downtown Dallas
Old meets new :D
Had a movie night with these two! :)
In Dallas :)
Ubc College crew :D
Ubc College crew <3
I will see you all again ;)
aaw :( <3 This was a gift from my wonderful roommate Julie!!
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